LeighAnn_Demon Official

"Where your dreams do not come true, but your nightmares do."

My name's LeighAnn... well sorta. It's my Middle name, I Live in the United States, towards the west.

I'm psychotic and laugh. A LOT. hence why you will hear me referred to as "Giggle Demon" I'm weird and Awkward, but... It's who I am so deal with it. I'm energetic, hyper, loud. and I will tell you now... I get frustrated with game so expect a few rages quits... (oops) So yeah, that's my Bio.


Q: Favorite Anime?

A: Black Butler

Q: Favorite Food?
A:  Anything Chicken

Q: Favorite Colors?
A: Black, Blue, Green, Purple, Silver

Q: Do I have Any Scars?
A: Yes, 9 scars.

Q: Biggest Fear?
A: Ducks and monkeys

Q: Favorite Quote?
A: "Throw me to the wolves and I'll return leading the pack." -Kaitlyn

Q: Do you speak more than 1 language?
A: Not fluently but I speak a little bit of Russian

Q: top 3 favorite kids shows?
A: 1. Invader Zim 2. Kim Possible 3.HorseLand

Q: spirit animal?
A: Wolf

Q: Lucky Number?
A: 13...

Q: Addiction?
A: I have an addiction to Alice in Wonderland mainly Cheshire Cat.

Q: If you were a giant mega monster what city would I rampage?
A: Detroit... (that's a reference to Markiplier)

Q: Who was your first kiss?
A: No one! I haven't had mine yet!

Q: play(ed) any sports?
A: past: Soccer, Volleyball: current: Color guard

Q: How tall am I ?
A: I'm a shorty 5 '' 1

Q: Tell me a secret.
A: If i tell you it wouldn't be a secret now would it? 

Q: Stupidest thing I've ever done

A: errrm just 1 thing? we'll i did jump of a roof once.

Q: How did you get your username?

A: well I called everyone minions so LeighAnn_Demon just fit.

Q: Favorite Band?

A: Hollywood Undead

Q: 3 Hobbies

A: kind the obvious 1. streaming 2. writing 3. singing