LeighAnn_Demon Official

"Where your dreams do not come true, but your nightmares do."

I have my very own YouTube Channel, mainly it's dedicated to The Sims 4, but eventually it might progress into something more. I joined January 9, 2016. Even though it's been a short time it's still been fun. I have no real accomplishments yet, but I'll get there... eventually.

So far I've done Speed builds, CAS videos, and How-To's. I'm also currently doing a let's play. I'm doing the 100 baby challenge. I use Custom Content (CC) A LOT. but only on my sims, all builds are CC free! (You're welcome)

You'll notice I'm a bit awkward, but that's A-Okay! That's who I am. I hope you don't mind it TOO much...

here's the link to my YouTube Channel, so go subscribe! Like! and Comment!


I also have a second youtube channel

My second youtube channel is still very new but I will use this as my more personal YouTube. doing more personalized things. such as speed draws, cover songs, and other things. 

These are a few of my recent drawings