LeighAnn_Demon Official

"Where your dreams do not come true, but your nightmares do."

Here are the links to my social media.


Wanna watch my Live streams? I stream almost everyday on twitch.


This is my YouTube channel. This is the one i use primarily for gaming and maybe later blogs and such.


This is my second YouTube channel. This is the one i use for my more artsy side, posting speed draws and other things.


This is my twitter, you can check it for notifications on when I'm going live on twitch.


When I'm not recording or streaming I'm most likely reading or writing. feel free to check out my Wattpad and read some of the things I write.


The Official Facebook page for LeighAnn_Demon. This is the newest extension to the Giggle Army so bear with me as I figure out what I'm gonna do with it.


Need to contact me? have an idea for a YouTube video? A Game recommendation to stream on twitch? Or anything other thing that might just be floating around your mind, and have an intense need to tell me? Here my Email for business inquires.